Choose which EXPERIENCE you want to live

The suggested experiences are addressed to travellers attuned to the environment and attracted by the natural character of the area’s locations and traditions. It is aimed at families, cycling tourists and other tourists in the Garda area who prefer slow-paced tourism, in tune with the rhythms of nature. 

A unique experience in an area in which time is the driver of natural regeneration, and which influences the inhabitants’ quality of life and their social relationships. Each of the themed itineraries (family, bike, Garda) includes a series of specific activities which can also be combined or rearranged over several days if required, and each is always deeply rooted in the municipalities involved and their hamlets. 

A specific, “customisable” experience can thus be formed, one which is designed to meet the expectations of all those who choose to visit this area, and one which, nourished by the emotions experienced through contact with local places and flavours, will deliver an unforgettable memory.