the project

The “Prati Stabili” is an area of permanent pastures which includes the municipalities of Goito, Marmirolo, Porto Mantovano, Roverbella and Volta Mantovana. It links the city of Mantua with the Morainic hills [of Garda]. Permanent pastures are typical of faming in the Valle del Mincio: pastures in Mincio river valley are never ploughed; they are only harvested to provide hay for dairy cows. The characteristic “terrace” in which the Prati Stabili were formed is actually the result of the morainic amphitheatre around Garda. It is an environmental peculiarity of the landscape created by a natural process of the postglacial era, when the low temperatures and the large quantity of water prevented the formation of extensive woodland, favouring instead the establishment of meadows. Nowadays, permanent pastures have also been developed outside their “natural position” by intensive agriculture, making them a fundamental element of the agricultural economy linked to milk production. Because of both their plant biodiversity and their habitats, the Prati Stabili area therefore represents a great opportunity to experience another world; one in which you can regenerate your senses and take time for yourself, in contact with the delights of nature and the true quality of life.