Roverbella Garda see

experience GARDA / Roverbella TORTELLO DI PESCA DE.CO.AND GRANA DEI PRATI STABILI The world of Roverbella intersects with that of the Prati Stabili when it unites two of the area’s precious products, fruit and Grana Padano dei Prati Stabili cheese. Together they have updated a traditional product, tortello pasta, so creating Roverbella’s “Tortello di Pesca”, […]

Porto Mantovano Garda see

experience GARDA / Porto Mantovano THE WATER MIRROR EFFECT The water mirrors of the paddy fields appear along land which is interspersed by small ditches and canals. Rice has been cultivated in the Mantuan Sinistra Mincio since the end of the 1400s, becoming an integral part of the local agricultural and gastronomic tradition. In particular, […]

Marmirolo Garda see

experience GARDA / Marmirolo LUCCIO IN SALSA DE.CO. “Luccio in salsa” is a fish dish prepared with pike, which has obtained the “De.Co.” municipal designation of origin mark. Its preparation consists of boiling the pike in water with celery, garlic, onion, a bay leaf and half a glass of vinegar.  Once ready and de-boned, a […]

Goito Garda see

experience GARDA / Goito GRANA PADANO OF PRATI STABILI Production of this cheese is another important field of work in the permanent pastures producing a distinctive product which is on display among the delicacies in local businesses and in the Grana Padano and Prati Stabili Fair. The cows selected for this type of product are fed […]

Volta Mantovana Garda see

experience GARDA / Volta Mantovana THE PRATI STABILI AND THE COLLINEDEL VINO (HILLS OF WINE) Volta Mantovana is part of the Wine Cities network: vineyards are a fundamental part of the landscape, as are all the agricultural areas involved; their protection is vitally important for the area’s high quality. This is the foundation for discovering the […]

Parco del Mincio Garda see

experience GARDA / Parco del Mincio THE SNACK OF PRATI STABILI When visiting the Mincio Park’s sights, you’ll be able to take along a “merenda dei Prati Stabili”, a snack produced from the typical local produce of the permanent pastures. We have three suggestions for you: Suggestion 1 • A local cheese, Grana dei Prati […]