Goito family

experience FAMILY / Goito THE VILLAGE OF PAPER BY VIRTUEOF THE FORCE OF THE WATER Strada Maglio, Maglio di Goito (MN)Using the Naviglio, a diversion canal dug in 1458, the Mantuans were able to drive the “hammers” which produced paper. Maglio, which means hammer in Italian, was actually marked on geographical maps with a lowercase […]

Marmirolo family

experience FAMILY / Marmirolo POZZOLO SUL MINCIO Strada Provinciale (S.P.) [provincial road] 21/22A hamlet of the municipality of Marmirolo since 1863, Pozzolo is a picturesque village on the left bank of the Mincio river. Because of its position on the last slope of the Morainic Hills of Garda, a slope which marks the boundary with […]

Roverbella family

experience FAMILY / Roverbella WATER,OUR MOST PRECIOUS COMMODITY As in the Prati Stabili, and also as in the paddy fields and in the cultivation of fruit trees, water is a specific central theme in the re-establishment of a conscious, balanced relationship with the landscape.  This principle is followed by the Riseria F.lli Schiavi, the oldest […]

Porto Mantovano family

experience FAMILY / Porto Mantovano THE TOUR OF THE HISTORIC VILLAS Exploring faded historic villas, combining monumental beauty with glimpses of the landscape. The precious treasure chest of Villa La Favorita, an imposing Baroque building on the outskirts of the city of Mantua, commissioned by Duke Ferdinando Gonzaga. The seductive romanticism of Villa di Bagno, […]

Volta Mantovana family

experience FAMILY / Volta Mantovana WHERE THE RIVER FLOWS At the centre of the Mantova-Peschiera cycle path, in a unique spot as regards its natural beauty, is the Chiosco dei Mulini, a private facility located at a strategic point along the Mincio river which provides information (including GPS on the routes).  It is a catering […]

Parco del Mincio family

experience FAMILY / Parco del Mincio BERTONE PARK Strada Bertone Colarina, Goito (MN) Explore Bertone Park, the park of a thousand trees and white storks, a sort of “natural airport” for storks in the heart of the Prati Stabili. White storks can be seen waiting to take-off in the nests they’ve created on the top […]