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Il Tour delle Cicogne [Tour of the Storks] departs from Soave di Porto Mantovano in the heart of Mincio Park. You start the cycle tour here by looking upwards, discovering the white storks’ large nests, but you’ll also discover the meadows on which they usually feed, often in large groups.
Skirt the Diversivo canal along the cycle path and continue in the direction of Maglio di Goito: a couple of birds have nested on the top of the paper mill’s old stone chimney and, beyond the town, every year other couples return to the top of two pylons. In the background, there’s the canopy of the Bertone Park Centre’s wooded garden, located in Strada Bertone Colarina in Goito, which is now the “house of the Storks”.
A project created here by the Mincio Park brought the storks back to the Po valley, and the nests in this green oasis are atop centuries-old trees. On the way back, take a short detour into the Municipality of Marmirolo, to Strada Belbrolo, where a pair of white storks have successfully nested on another pylon in one of the fields.

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