Goito cyclists

experience CYCLE / Goito BICYCLE TOURS OF THE COUNTS OF ARCO An itinerary for discovering the residences of the Counts of Arco, a noble family from Mantua who were at their height between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries. The starting point is the city palace, built in 1784 and the following years by the neoclassical […]

Marmirolo cyclists

experience CYCLE / Marmirolo MANTOVA PESCHIERA The longest green highway in Italy. From Mantua, by taking a short detour, you can reach the Bosco Fontana Nature Reserve. This is an area of 233 hectares which gives refuge to numerous animal species, the most prominent being the weasel, the black kite, the stone marten and the […]

Roverbella cyclists

experience CYCLE / Roverbella PERMANENT PASTURES A route which takes in the municipalities of Goito, Marmirolo, Porto Mantovano, Roverbella and Volta Mantovana to explore the permanent pastures. In the Mantuan dialect, the “prà” are the typical pastures of the mid-Mantuan plain, pastures which are never ploughed and which are only harvested for their hay for […]

Porto Mantovano cyclists

experience CYCLE / Porto Mantovano IN THE HEART OF THE MINCIO PARK Taking the Mantua-Peschiera cycle path, you arrive in Soave, a riverside village located in the heart of the Mincio Valleys and chosen as a natural landing place for many migratory water birds which continue their journey once the breeding season is over. Before […]

Volta Mantovana cyclists

experience CYCLE / Volta Mantovana LA VIA CAROLINGIA The Mantuan section of Charlemagne’s journey from Aachen to Rome. From Cavriana to Massimbona, a long and exciting itinerary unfolds along roads and pathways, crossing or skirting towns and small villages. This stretch of the famous Via Carolingia crosses the southern Garda morainic amphitheatre in the Volta […]

Parco del Mincio cyclists

experience CYCLE / Parco del Mincio THE TOUR OF THE STORKS Il Tour delle Cicogne [Tour of the Storks] departs from Soave di Porto Mantovano in the heart of Mincio Park. You start the cycle tour here by looking upwards, discovering the white storks’ large nests, but you’ll also discover the meadows on which they […]