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A route which takes in the municipalities of Goito, Marmirolo, Porto Mantovano, Roverbella and Volta Mantovana to explore the permanent pastures. In the Mantuan dialect, the “prà” are the typical pastures of the mid-Mantuan plain, pastures which are never ploughed and which are only harvested for their hay for feeding dairy cows. They don’t need to be artificially fertilised and a high environmental quality is guaranteed. As you pass through Roverbella, you are struck by the scent of its orchards, which both give it colour and produce tasty dishes. A land of paddy fields and water, the area’s distinguishing feature is that it has developed by following the rhythms of nature, a tempo in tune with slowly pedalling along the canals, along a route dedicated to the senses, to nature and to beauty. An area in which skilled human hands have preserved ancient techniques, a know-how carefully handed down from generation to generation.

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